Ready to (re)launch your business? let's do it. 



first step - BRANDING

1. we will have a phone call or a facetime session to just simply take the time to share your dreams and visions for your company(and life in general) over tea or coffee. 


2. choose if you want to continue, and first branding payment is due. 


3. out of our dreaming session, you will create a pinterest board of things that inspire you. 


4. Then I will send you a branding board with multiple styles, colors, fonts, and logo ideas for your brand. if wanting a website as well, a first draft will be sent at the same time as the branding board.

second step - finalizing your brand

1. after reviewing the branding board, you can solidify which fonts, themes, color palette or logo style you would like to have me create your finished products with! 


2. you will have one week to go over all design revisions. and website if applicable.


3. within two weeks from the start of the edits your website will be ready to go live!


4. final payment is due just before linking the website and/or releasing all of the files to you for all of your branding pieces.


last step - brand launch! 

1. Launching isn't just about linking your domain to your website.


2. I will go over with you the steps to make your website go live on all of your social media platforms at the same time...and with a bang! 


3. I will provide custom launch graphics for your facebook and instagram. 


4. you jump for joy as your brand now accurately represents you!