Bonjour, Spring.

For me, this outfit signifies that spring is finally here. With the sleeveless arms, mega loose fit(for the most part), thin cloth and open straight up feels like I am wearing a sheet. And It's amazing. I wanted to shoot this dress in front of the "Walking Dead" bridge, because I feel as though it is fairly iconic for Atlanta, and since I'm new to living here, I'm taking it all in. I love being in new places. The new shops, new eats and new coffee shops are all exciting for me. Even though I would visit here often, it very much feels different when you live just down the road from anything that you could possibly want. Especially the airport. 

I'm just grateful to be in this new season of life. From living in a new city for this next season, being in a new season of growth for my photography business, feeling like I am personally in a completely new season of thinking differently, and of course the literal new season...spring. 

"Jesus, while He was on trial, was silent; He did not build a case for Himself. And neither should we."

Also, I am loving this slightly light hearted yet very true article from Relevant Magazine about Easter. In my life, I'm not trying to "preach" at people, ever, no matter the day. I don't believe that's my place nor should holy or "holi" days be a time to condemn anyone else for not sharing your same beliefs. Because the story of Christ's resurrection is much more than a story to get hyped about once a year, it's a part of a much deeper relationship that I have with Christ on the daily that has taken many years to develop and is ever changing. If someone wants to know something, they'll ask, but truthfully, I have always found that actions speak louder than words, no matter how cliche that may be. Another also, there equally is nothing wrong with getting excited about all of the many options of pastel colored Peeps Marshmallows. I basically eat those year 'round anyway. 

Happy Spring! 



Yet another also...It was a joy to have my friend Stasia come up, and to meet a new friend, Lynzie! We had such a fun day of catching up, drinking coffee, brunching, and enjoying many, many laughs! 


Dress // c/o Press Fashions

Hat // Target

Sandals // c/o Head Over Heels Boutique - Seychelles

Watch // c/o Shore Projects Watches - Falmouth

Rings // c/o Willow & Bloch

Bag // c/o Margaret Vera - Caitlin Large Leather Tote

Images // Christopher Munn, edited by yours truly.