Bo Milton | NYC Clothing Line

Bo Milton started their journey with having zero background in fashion. They saw an opportunity to create something for themselves and decided to go for it! Bo Milton is inspired by all the places that shaped their identity, from Vietnam to New York city. The products are designed in New York, where they live, and are manufactured in Vietnam, where they are originally from. With New York itself as their inspiration, I know their clothing line will only become more unique and versatile as their clothing line progresses. 

I feel like I can really relate to Bo Milton, because I really had no professional background in design or photography before choosing to "go for it" just because I truly enjoy it! I also love that they find inspiration from New York and are originally from Vietnam. Travel really is priceless, and you can learn so much from being in another culture, venturing God's beautiful earth. I hope to always keep learning and growing forever with the crafts and talents God has given me. 

This Everest Midnight Black Sweater Dress from Bo Milton is my favorite of the few pieces my husband and I own! I have actually worn it over jeans and more layers, but since it isn't that cold in Georgia currently I am able to throw it on with a scarf and ankle boots! This sweater dress is 100% extra fine Merino wool, which is probably why it feels like I am wrapped in a warm blanket that hugs me perfectly. I love that I can casually wear it during the day or to a business meeting, and yet can also dress it up for a date night. I love even more the well cut fit and design of this sweater dress. Wearing quality is not something you can always see, but you can definitely always feel it. With Bo Milton, thankfully, you can see and feel the excellence in their materials and design! 

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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!