Sweater Weather, Forever.

If it could just be sweater weather all year long, that would be wonderful.

This cropped sweater from PRESS is cropped at the perfect height for me, hitting my waist perfectly. This sweater covered in tiny clouds drew me to it. I instantly thought of the cliche, "the sky's the limit" and I was completely okay with that. I never want to limit in my head what God can do. He has just put so many dreams and desires in my heart, that I know I can fulfill them with Him by my side. And even though I do drink a good amount of coffee, I know that He is the one who gives me that "petal to the metal" drive every single day and supplies my endless energy with on average about five hours of sleep per night. Needless to say, this sweater is for the dreamers, the doers and those who aren't afraid to be passionate about life! And passionate doesn't mean loud, I'm more or less thinking about what you feel God has called you to do in your life with confidence and determination. It doesn't have to be in your face or obnoxious, but it's what drives you on the inside.

My husband likes to call me a Mexican Fire Princess sometimes because I can get a little too passionate at times(verbally haha), but I would rather be passionate in this short life we lead to be the hands and feet of Jesus, than not at all.  

So Cheers to being passionate this week, this season and in your lives! 





Sweater // c/o Press Clothing

Hat // c/o Madewell

Heels // c/o Lulu's

Watch // c/o Daniel Wellington

Rings // c/o Willow & Bloch

Denim // c/o Madewell

Images // c/o My Love, Christopher