Fuzzy Cardigans, Frame Denim + Friends.

A usual day for me consists of designing graphics + editing images in my home office or from my couch watching Korean or "Kdramas" in the background on Netflix. Then there are those few lovely days where I get to edit at my friends house, playing with her sweet baby and eating Publix subs. And what a better way to cuddle up on a couch, then with this awesome sweater cardigan from Lulu's! It is seriously the softest and I love that is has a hoodie! It's basically a pillow for my head when I lay on the couch. Also, these ripped frame denim jeans are my favorite. The stretch material fits me perfectly and the quality is like no other. And these black Seychelle ankle boots are from Lulu's as well and of course black goes with everything! 

So cheers to staycation days inside as the weather gets chillier, slowly but surely here in Georgia! 

Have a lovely rest of your week, sweet friends! 



PS, If you think about it, please keep Christopher and I in your prayers as we depart for a long distance trip this Saturday, driving across this beautiful country to California to see our sweet friends. 

These two are beautiful friends, inside + out!


Staycation Sweater Cardigan // c/o Lulu's

Watch // c/o Hartley Watches

Denim // c/o Frame Denim

Statement Necklace // c/o Layered Chains

Long Tee // Boutique in Minneapolis that I forget the name of.

Ankle Boots // c/o Lulu's Seychelles

Rings // c/o Foe and Dear + Vrai and Oro

Images // My sweet friend, Jayme!