Terry Knit Shift Dress Kinda Day.

You know that awkward weather between summer and fall? Well, I am currently dressing myself daily by sticking my arm outside the door because you just never know what the temp will be in Georgia. One day it's sweater weather, and the next day it's shorts weather. So with that said, I found the perfect dress for this in between weather! Shift dresses are awesome because they are shorter so you can still get that cool breeze, while still being cozy on top. And thankfully this Terry Knit from Maude has quarter length sleeves, so that you're not going to get goose bumps if it's chilly out, but not get overwhelmingly warm either. The fit is loose as well, which is just a good thing in general! Can I get an Amen!? 

As for my accessories this weekend...these boots are Seychelles, one of my new favorite shoe brands, and these are specifically from Lulu's! I love Lulu's because they have such a wide variety in every category online. This trusty little tan hat is from Target. The old faithful shop. And this Nevil Triwa watch you can now get at Anthropologie!! My husband and I both have Triwa watches that are sold at Anthro, so I thought you may want to see how handsome my best friend is, so I included him in the shots below!

So the fact that today is Halloween is always fun for me! So many good memories! I always loved going to my church's trunk or treats or harvest festivals growing up, and my mom handing out candy on Halloween night, that my siblings and I would consistently sneak from the bucket to our rooms in between kids coming to our door. I'm also a huge fan of scary movies! Not the demonic kind, just the mysterious/eerie/creepy ones that can make me jump. And can we all just say that one of the best parts of Halloween is the day after...when the candy is all 75% OFF! PRAISE HIM.

So have a safe and happy Halloween weekend sweet friends! 





Shift Dress // c/o Maude

Watch // c/o Triwa - Anthropologie

Hat // Target

Ankle Boots // c/o Lulu's - Seychelles

Rings // c/o Foe and Dear

Images // My Stud of a Husband