Red & Ready to Go!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner(3 1/2 weeks away!) I know a lot of ladies are planning their Valentine's outfits. Some may be going rock climbing, some may be going camping, but most will be going on a date out on the town! Christopher and I are personally going to be doing a coffee tour of our favorite places in Savannah while on a day date. We will actually be staying there the entire weekend to spend time with my parents as well! So win, win! Needless to say, this dress by NTYLS is the perfect piece for dressing up or dressing down! I paired it with my favorite City Soles boots(a native Chicago shoe boutique) and my new purse from Target. This purse was essentially free with my new app called "ShopKick" that everyone needs to go download NOW if you want free gift cards to places like Starbucks, Target, Sephora...etc.! No Brainer.

I hope all of you ladies remember to plan less and just enjoy being with your loved ones!




Boots // City Soles

Bag // Target

Rings // H&M + Fresh Tangerine

Images // Jonathan Munn