The Level Collective.

I am so glad that my friend Elizabeth, from Hyer Handmade, told me all about The Level Collective. She is a huge advocate for ethically made clothing and so is this company. They are based out of Sheffield, UK. Their clothing is said to be "made for adventure". Adventure can look differently to many individuals. It can be as physical as climbing the alps to more literal as writing your first book to hopefully getting published. Adventure is something that each of have a desire for. I believe that Adventure is getting out of your comfort zone, making mistakes and trying new things again and again.

My adventure with design started in college where I spent almost all of my evenings before going to sleep laying on my bed playing with photoshop. My adventure of designing full time as my job began in May of 2013 and it has been such a beautiful journey. I am now able to travel with my husbands company for work throughout the year and do my design work via my computer. It is such a beautiful thing and I couldn't be more grateful.

Supporting companies like this, that support and encourage adventure, make me so proud to be a designer and pursuing my dreams. Also, their bamboo tee material is the softest, which makes it even better! So go check out their website and continue to live your adventure!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



"The designs for our graphic T-shirts and Jumpers are created by some of the finest emerging illustrators / graphic designers / Typographers. We hand-screenprint the designs onto our uber soft ethically-made Bamboo and Organic cotton garments using water-based eco inks right here in Sheffield, UK."