Boston Strong.

I am so glad I was able to spend the day with my husband, Christopher, in one of the best cities in the world--Boston. We walked around the campus of Harvard and Harvard Square area, which was one of my highlights. It is technically in Cambridge, but we passed it on the way into Boston. I was able to touch the left foot of John Harvard(a tradition that is way fun to do, even though I'm not superstitious at all). Then, Christopher and I went to Fenway Park. Christopher is a huge Yankees/Braves fan, and I am a Cubbies fan only, but we could still appreciate the history of the beautiful stadium.

Next, we went to a beautiful coffee shop near Boston Common, another stunning area in Boston. The Shop was called The Thinking Cup. I had my favorite hazelnut latte to date there. It was truly a thing of beauty. They serve Stumptown, which is already a major yes, but on top of that, their baristas really knew what they were doing. They even had small shavings of Hazelnut in the coffee for a nuttier taste. We also decided to do lunch there, after noticing that everyone around us had killer looking food on their tables to go with their coffee. Christopher got a Smokin' Jamaican Sandwich, which consisted of mango chutney, pickled peppers, jalapenos and jerk turkey breast. I got an english muffin with bacon, egg and cheese. So, so good. In that same area was the Boston Public Library, the second largest library in the US. We walked there from the coffee shop, and passed all of the high-end shopping avenues, a few beautiful cathedrals, lovely parks and the place where the Boston Marathon takes place. The library was full of history, charming elements and grand architecture. I also felt that, unlike the NY Public Library, we were some of the only tourists. Everyone else there was actually very focused, studying, researching and reading stacks upon stacks of books. You could definitely tell that an Ivy League was near. 

After we left, we headed to Beacon Hill. Now, Beacon Hill had to be one of my favorite areas in Boston. It was filled with tiny cobblestone streets, like the notorious Acorn Street. We explored all of their paper goods shops, chocolate shops and cafes. There was this place called J.P. Links. It’s known for their local homemade hot chocolate and icecream. We can definitely verify that they had the best hot chocolate. While we were there, we stumbled upon a man who was originally asking us about a local dress shop. But, when we told him we were visiting, he ended up telling us stories for over half an hour. He was a lawyer. He was in World War ll. He was about to turn 89 years old. Such a sweet man and his encouragement was just what I needed to hear--following your dreams and never thinking something is too far fetched for you(or in God's eyes, because with Him anything is possible). He was definitely a pleasure to talk to. With his thick Boston accent though, I just wish I could have understood him when he told us his name. 

We then strolled back to our car, to figure out what to do for dinner. We decided to go to a local pizza place in Beacon Hill, called Figs. We got the Bronx Bomber. Which consisted of tomato, basil, mozzarella and pepperoni. It was delish. We would definitely recommend it and go back ourselves. After dinner we went to a Starbucks and talked with a very friendly parking enforcement officer. She was the sweetest! We were genuinely surprised, all day, at how friendly everyone was(yes, even more so than the south). She gave us directions to the nearest Christmas tree in downtown Boston. We took a beautiful mile long stroll there and back, to get there. They had a Christmas lights show with trees down the main thoroughfare of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It was completely worth it. Boston is beautiful and definitely worth a visit or 200. 

To conclude, I left Boston with a sense of pride and passion for the city. Can you believe that? One day spent in the heart of the city and I am ready to represent and recommend it to the world! Boston does that to you. The individuals I had the pleasure of conversing with, the man shouting to the dog I was taking a picture of "Smile for the camera!" in a fun and sweet manner, and the extremely friendly and genuine service we had at every place we went really made it seem like Boston was one huge family. I know this is only one day and my personal experience, but I truly understand why the citizens of Boston use the terminology "Boston Strong", because I now too have pride for this beautiful city.

I hope you enjoy this mini preview of our day in Iphone squares + have a Boston Strong week!



If you need any recommendations or questions about any of the cities/regions I have traveled to I would be happy to share my thoughts and tips!