So Mod. So much Coffee. So little time.

I love the word Mod. The term became popular back in the 60's. It described the youth who were modern thinkers and into the latest facets of their culture. I wish that term would come back. That leads me to this new "modern" take on the iphone folio case that I just received. It is called Mod Mobile, and is sold at This is Ground, a handmade leather goods company based out of Los Angeles, California.  It is the absolute best organizer I have received in forever. It holds my iphone, notebook, pen, hairpins, watch, lip gloss, coins, head phones, credit cards, business cards, Anthro card, and is still not at full capacity. It is perfect for my business meetings and for easy traveling in larger cities like Chicago, New York, and D.C. Sometimes, as a lady, you just don't want to bring your suitcase of a bag and just bring your essentials. This is perfect for that purpose.

My favorite part about my Mod Mobile is the insert feature. They have inserts that you can buy specifically for your profession. For example, they have a Jeweler Insert, Writer Insert, Explorer Inset, Designer Insert, Shooter Insert(...), Musician Insert, Traveler Insert, and an Illustrator Insert. Basically, Mod Mobile is a boss of a design. No matter where you are in life or what you are doing, I am sure there is a handmade leather good for your device that you can find at This is Ground

Also, this amazing tee had me at COFFEE. Oh, Sweet Joy! is a new friend that makes, creates, and blogs about the most entertaining things. I highly recommend you reading some of her lovely blog posts. You will most definitely get hooked! Kim designed this beautiful Tee, called "COFFEE.DONUTS.REPEAT." If I could wear this everyday I would. Well, I may actually wear this in my house every day. It definitely makes me want to drink more coffee and eat more donuts than usual. Doesn't that sound perfect? So, that is what I am going to do! You should too! Enjoy your Saturday! 



Below is how I eat a donut. Fast.


Iphone Folio // Mod Mobile by THIS IS GROUND

Coffee Tee // Oh, Sweet Joy! 

Iphone Case // "GIRL. YOU'RE A BOSS" from Casetify

Watch // Daniel Wellington

Boots // Steve Madden

Images(besides first four) // Hyer Handmade