A Thankful Melody.

I am so immensely thankful for my loving husband, who not only brings home the bacon, but fries it, plates it, serves it so lovingly, and enjoys spending quality time with me daily. I am thankful for my hilarious family, who always is supportive of my dreams and who raised me to love God and love people, period. And lastly, I am thankful for my friends, who I may not see often but I know are always uplifting and challenge me in the best ways possible. 

I am spending this week in Savannah with my husband, parents, brother, sister, and some of my Chicago family. It is only day two and I have already been incredibly blessed by crazy amounts of food at meal times, challenging talks of faith, real life talk about what a walk with a non-culturized Jesus looks like, and lots of desserts and action movies. Family comes in all shapes and forms and I wouldn't change mine for the world. 

I am also thankful for for the opportunities and doors that have been opened to me and never want to take anything for granted. I tell myself daily...my life is not my own and my possessions are not my own. Without my possessions I would still be thankful for God's grace on my life and without him my life would not have purpose. I am not perfect, but always strive to be thankful for this life God has given me. 

Last but not least, this LOLOelle Boutique MELODY TUNIC is perfect for all things fall. Since It goes back and forth from chilly to warm weekly in Georgia, I am able to dress with a jacket and shorts because the weather condones it. It is basically like wearing a long sleeved dress. It may not be everyone's style, but I love long sleeves and I love wearing shorts as opposed to jeans. Heel booties keep my feet looking warm, but without heavy socks they are the perfect middle weather shoe. I would highly recommend to pick up a staple tunic for your lounge look, dressed up look, and your casual look. 

I hope everyone is having/haves a lovely Thanksgiving week and Thanksgiving day tomorrow! Also, I would encourage you to spend more time with your families and less time on social media when you are around others, in general too, but especially around family you only see a few times a year. 




Tunic // "Melody Tunic" from LOLOelle Boutique

Knit Scarf // SimpyAS

Bag // H&M

Coat // Sammy Dress

Shorts // H&M

Boots // Steve Madden

Images // Jonathan Munn