Coffee Addict.

So, I may not be a full time coffee blogger or own a hand crafted coffee shop...BUT...I will support those individuals that do, because I just love coffee that much. Also, the community that coffee cultivates is overwhelmingly lovely. Just upon entering a relaxing conversation about coffee at a local shop or conversing about your favorite brew methods or brands, it just brings people closer together when we can relate to one another. I am extremely glad that the coffee culture finally made its way into the US from overseas. I love the growth of new shops and how everyone is so enthralled with the process from the country roasting, to the brand or method that you make your individual cup. Ah, just thinking about it makes me very happy. 

This brings me to my original thought, Coffee Scout meet Concord Coffee. Coffee Scout is an amazing blog created just to search out the best roasts and coffee shops around the world. She is fantastic and has such a heart of Gold for the coffee community. Concord Coffee is/will be the latest and greatest coffee shop coming to Lakeland, FL. So if you are ever in FL, in 2015, I would highly recommend you trying their shop. They have already announced that they may be serving MadCap Coffee as one of their roasters, which is personally one of my favorites! I am so excited to visit Concord Coffee next year, and not just because one of my dear college friends, who is a master of all things coffee, Naida Lindberg, will be working there! 

Also, I would encourage all of the coffee addicts out there to support my friend Suzanna, over at Coffee Scout and purchase one of her cute "Coffee Addict" mugs

And as you can see if you follow me on Insta....I may be a "Coffee Addict."