Fall Feelings.

Fall weather. Fall sweaters. Fall colors. Fall scents, specifically from Bath + Body Works and Yankee Candle. Fall Holidays. Fall Boots. Fall just brings so many unique feelings that only come during this season. One of my favorite parts about fall is being with my family. I love eating amazing meals with them over the fire, playing board games, drinking hot chocolate, traveling to Savannah, and just being reminded of how much of a blessing my family is to me.

I read this poem this morning and It really described, in a more beautiful way, the way that I see this season. I hope you can see the beauty in fall as well. 

The abundant, redundant season.
Ushering in the winter, like an appetizer before the big meal.
Just a taste of what is to come.
Beautiful, and temporary.

Leaves dying, revealing their true selves.
Falling, soft at first, then dry and fragile.
Beautiful, and temporary.

Temperatures falling, days shortening,
Sunshine fading, slowly, readying the whole world for rest.
Beautiful, and temporary.

— Marla Wardell

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

-Prov 31:30


Sweater // American Eagle

Dress // H+M

Shades // Amazon

Clutch // Sammy Dress

Boots + Socks // Steve Madden

Hat // Charlotte Russe

Images // Hyer Handmade