Handmade Sweater Weather

I love wearing sweaters. I love wearing handmade sweaters. I love wearing turmeric handmade sweaters. This weather has been wonderful to my wardrobe. There is just something about a cotton/pima cotton sweater that is so soft and comfy. I literally feel like a blanket is draped over me. I actually do know what that feels like, as I have definitely worn a real blanket around me before...in public. Everything Elizabeth makes at Hyer Handmade is, just in case you didn't realize, handmade. I love individuals who are passionate about their craft and are looking to make the world a better place, one fairly made sweater at a time. If you are looking for a unique, beautiful, handmade sweater...you just found one. They are knitted to order! 




Sweater // Hyer Handmade

Purse // H&M

Hat // Charlotte Russe 

Shoes // Express

Rings // Bing Bang NYC 

Bracelet // Forever 21

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