Brown Water Coffee.

Brown Water Coffee is an amazing company based out of Denver, Colorado. Every coffee bag purchase provides gallons of clean water to someone overseas. The bag I received specifically goes towards Nicaragua. There are literally so many people with unclean water all of the world, and thankfully there have been a lot of companies to start helping in this way, but since I am a coffee drinker, this company provided me a more practical way to give. They have turned my habit into a way to help others. That is the best feeling ever. 

The name of their company stands out to me more than anything. Brown Water. I mean, as I was discussing it with my friends Bre + Dan last night in DC, we decided that "coffee really is just brown water." They want to remind you that by drinking your brown water, you will be helping someone else drink clean water overseas. Some may get grossed out by that, but I completely understand the reasoning and can appreciate that branding approach. 

This particular coffee, Nicaragua Regalo De Dios, is pretty dark with underlying milk chocolate tones. If you are really into coffee, like me, you can even taste the hint of almond and lavender. 

So check out this companies site and order a bag of coffee. You and the individuals you are helping overseas will not regret it. They always freshly roast their coffee the day of ordering, so no worries there either. Also, Chemex is my preferred brewing method lately. Drink up!