Courson + Coatigans.

So this word really spoke to me and my Husband this morning and hopefully it will speak to you as well. We started our relationship reading this devo back in 2010 and have done many things in between like books, apps, articles, sporadic bible reading. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, it is just a sentimental and memorable place to be back in the habit of reading this exact devotional again. 

Then the Lord says, “Let’s go a little deeper.” So He takes us down river one thousand cubits and says, “Go in again.” This time, we go up to our knees.

“I want you to learn what it means to pray - not only to stand, but now to pray because you’re aware of the challenges and problems and struggles of life.”

Then the Lord says, “We’re going deeper still.” So we walk in up to our loins - the place of reproduction. As we grow in the knowledge of God, as we stay in His Word, as we learn how to pray, we’re going to reproduce spiritually. If a congregation is healthy, it will naturally grow because healthy sheep naturally reproduce. It’s inevitable.

Then the Lord says, “There’s one more stop. This time you’re going over your head in water so deep you can swim in it. You can be refreshed by it, but you can no longer control it. You’re over your head.” Praying in the Spirit, dying to self, worshipping with consistency, walking in power - have you seen this?

Where are you? Are you up to your ankles? Have you just begun your walk with Jesus? If you have, that’s great - but move on. Get on your knees. Learn how to intercede, to pray, and to be faithful in your devotional life. Are you a prayer warrior? Great, then start reproducing. Start witnessing and sharing. But if you’re still desiring more, take the plunge today. Step in deeper still to the place where you want to be used by the Lord no matter the price.

Where are you now? Where do you desire to be? The Lord will take you as far down the river as you want to go.
— Jon Courson

So about this Coatigan. Some of you may be asking...what is a coatigan? It is a coat-like cardigan of course! I love the transition of Fall to Winter, but living in Middle Georgia it sometimes takes a little longer to cool down. So this coatigan from LoloElle Boutique is perfect! You don't have to commit to a heavy coat, yet you will be warmer than wearing a thin and short cardigan! 


Coatigan // LoloElle Boutique

Top + Denim // H&M

Shoes // Steve Madden

Rings // Bing Bang NYC + Early August

Hat // Charlotte Russe 

Watch // Daniel Wellington