Coffee in Paris, in Savannah.

I stumbled upon The Paris Market in the summer of 2008, near it's beginnings. I had just graduated high school and was bound for college. Of course, now I was going to miss one more thing about Savannah when moving to Florida, along with all of Savannah's usual charm. When I first walked in the store I was thinking to myself, "what is this place?" I wouldn't call it just an antique store or a retail space, but it was simply a thing of beauty. Goods imported from far away places and actually aesthetically pleasing to my eyes - books with books, candy with candy, beautiful organized room settings in the "enchanted basement", and unique brands that Savannah had not seen before.

Everything was perfect. I actually thought it couldn't get any better, until it did. 

The Paris Market eventually added a cafe'.

When we would visit my grandparents, whom retired from Chicago to Tampa, they would always give me coffee before my parents woke up. I went to a University in Lakeland, FL, not too far away from them and my love for coffee grew more and more deep and wide with every new roast and bean I tried. So when I would visit home from college on the weekends, I made it a point to visit The Paris Market on each trip. I actually even became accustomed to having one of my favorite baristas, Susie, always take my order and who would soon come to recognize me and memorize my order. 

I have traveled all over NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, and many cities in between, and there is just something so peaceful and memorable about visiting The Paris Market. More than just the beans, but the experience and the feelings you get when sitting amongst this little piece of Paris. 

And of course, traveling with Munn Brothers Films, I have to take images of them everywhere. 

We also took wedding pictures in front of The Paris Market. September 8th, 2012. 

Image By Haley Sheffield

Image By Haley Sheffield