Daniel Wellington Love.

I am pretty picky about watches. In fact, I haven't found a watch that I loved enough to wear in years. I mean, if you are going to resort to looking at your wrist for the time as opposed to your phone(not ashamed of being a millennial) it may as well be a quality made, cute and stylish watch, right? Daniel Wellington has an actual story...Check it out here. It is deep. It is real. And it is what sold me. When I give my love publicly to someone or something it is a big deal. It takes a lot for a company or individual to gain my trust or love in this case.

The specific watch that I fell in love with(metaphorically) was the beautiful Classic Sheffield Lady. I love black everything, and they use black genuine italian quality leather that is also available in brown. This watch is also laced with a gold or silver plated brace, which makes it pop.

To top off all of this love for Daniel Wellington, they would like me to share the love with my friends + family! Everyone who purchases a watch between now and November 15th can use the coupon code "melodyjoymunn" for an extra 15% off! Happy watch shopping! 




Watch // Classic Sheffield Lady - Daniel Wellington

Rings // Bing Bang NYC + Burdees

Sweater // Forever 21

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